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David Devereux

David Devereux started out as a bass player, but has since decided to leave that glamorous lifestyle for the quiet existence of a sound designer and composer. Despite this, he remains a bass player.


As well as releasing his own music (crowdfunding an E.P. in 2015) he has also composed for a number of short films for One More Stone and beyond. In 2016, David launched Tin Can, an ongoing audio drama podcast for which he writes, directs, acts, produces and scores, which led to the formation of Tin Can Audio as an umbrella for all of his noisemaking. He has also busied himself in film production with One More Stone, at various times writing, directing and assistant directing. Outside of all this he is a board member of the Glasgow Piano Project, an organisation dedicated to installing pianos in public spaces throughout Glasgow, as well as collecting SEGA games, buying more books than he logistically ever read, and occasionally sleeping.'